Monday, June 13, 2011

St. George

Memorial day weekend I took a road trip down to St. George with a few of my favorite girls! Audrey lives in St. George and invited Lorina and I to come stay at her house. I LOVE the Spainhowers! They are so much fun! 
Audrey, Audrey's sister Stephanie, Lorina, and I drove the 4 hours down to the lovely St. George on Friday. We listened to some Queen, Micheal Jackson, and Prince to keep us entertained. We stayed up late talking and laughing and playing loaded questions. Best question: If you were on a date with Stephanie and she was wearing her sun glasses and treating you like her servant and making you do stuff for her, what would you do? or maybe: If you were Miley Cyrus what would your celebrity name be? (has to be a name and then a state). I said Pamela Alabamala. I think it was the best. Audrey's Milo Ohio wasn't as good. What would yours be?

Stephanie, Lorina, Audrey, Mariah, Me

Saturday we slept in until 9 and then got ready to go to Zion's national park. We piled in a van with Audrey's mom and  3 sisters. It was a fun girls day but it took us much longer then expected to leave the house and to get to the place we wanted to hike. We finally arrived though and it was a beautiful day. Lot's of fun hiking. 

After Zion's Audrey had a wedding reception so Lorina and I did a session in the St. George temple. It was perfect. It is such a beautiful temple. After that we ended the night by getting frozen yogurt and hiking up on top of the painted Dixie rock (I think they call it the sugarloaf) and looking out at the city. It was pretty much a perfect day with perfect people.

Sunday we went to church with the Spainhowers, had a lovely barbecue, went and visited Rachelle and Brad at the Doxey's, and played card games. Another perfect and relaxing day.

Monday we ended our stay in St. George by going to Snow Canyon to hike some red rock and play in the sand at the sand dunes.

School Spirit!
Epic posing picture
Beautiful girls
Love her! 

Then we had to say goodbye to the warm and sun of St. George and head back to Provo. We got their just in time for the Memorial day white out/black light dance party!

What a lovely weekend! Thanks Auds!


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Audrey said...

:) YAY St. George!!! It rocked.

I miss it.

And it was so much fun having you guys with me.

Milo Ohio