Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok, so it has been a REALLY long time since I have blogged! To clarify a long time... try 7 months! I know, I know. Horrible me. What can I say I have been busy and haven't felt like blogging. But I have enjoyed continuing to stock other peoples blogs. So while stocking blogs today I suddenly had the urge to start blogging again... we will give it some time and see how it goes, but I think I am back to stay. Hey, if I get to read about everyone elses life shouldn't I share a little about my life too? Ok so now for the 7 month preview about what has been going on in my life so you can be all caught up....

*Left Hawaii and went back to Lexington to spend the rest of the summer

*Spent the rest of the summer goofing around doing nothing productive (kind of like the first half of the summer), except I had Chase to goof off with me :-)

*Summer had to end and I came back to Provo to start my Junior year of college... don't you hate the end of Summer?


*School started. It was my first semester in the BYU accounting program. It is very challanging and I have never spent so much time studying in my life but I love it anyways! (don't ask me if I love it on test weeks because then I will probably say no)

*I am still living with the best girls in the world! I love my roommates so much! Sadly though this is our last year together and then we will all be going our separate ways.

*Chase left on his mission. It was weird having him live right down the street and not being able to see him. We wrote frequently though so it was ok.

*Chase came home from his mission. He had really bad headaches and they couldn't figure out what was causing them so they sent him back home on medical release to figure it out and then get back on his mission. He is currently still in the process of "figuring it out" but will soon be going back on his mission! It has been a rollercoaster saying goodbye and then seeing eachother again and then having to say goodbye all over. That has kind of been how our relationship has gone for almost the past two years... but it has been so great and I love him a lot!!!

*Spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with my Grandparents! It was so much fun and so nice and warm! I love family!

*Spent Christmas in Oregon with all of my mom's side of the family. It was so good to see my mom and dad and sister! Again, I love family.


* Came back to Provo again to start yet another semester... it has been a little more stressful this time around but is still going well.

*Chase came to visit Provo!! It was so much fun. It was really good to see him and I think it was something we both needed. But then we had to say goodbye again...

So I think that pretty much sums up the past 7 months of my life. Nothing to exciting. Mostly just school. But I am loving life and getting so excited for what is to come in the future.

Things happening soon:

*Putting my mission papers in!!! I am so beyond excited to go on a mission!! I will definitaly write a blog when I find out where I'm going. Right now I'm aming to turn my papers in in March and then leaving the end of June. We will see it that really happens though.

*Applying for graduate school at BYU! I decided last semester that I want to get my masters in accounting at BYU. It is only one more year of school and I think it will be a really good thing. Wish me luck getting in!

Ok I'm done rambling about my life now. Sorry it's so long... I had 7 months to catch up on give me a break.