Monday, June 13, 2011

I miss

the SOUTH!

I was born a western girl who was uprooted to the south and found a piece of myself I never knew existed!

It's something you must experience for yourself. 

southern hospitality.

green rolling hills.

white picket fences.


cowboy boots.

southern belles.

country music.

drive-in movies.

old friends.

southern houses.

front porches.


summer. springtime. fall. 

southern food. 

southern gentleman. :)

There are two sides to southern life: 1. the sophisticated southern  2. the country.
I aspire to be a  mix of both.

 A southern belle/country girl.

and I want to marry a southern gentleman/cowboy.
I know he exists somewhere. (and I wouldn't mind if he looked like Harrison Ford)


1 comment:

Audrey said...

this is adorable and makes me want to move to the South. And also. That picture of Harrison Ford. Yes.