Friday, March 27, 2009


So... good news! My mission papers are officially in now... they have been in for about a week! Hopefully by next Wednesday or Thursday I will have my call :-) Yey! I'm so excited! So I'm taking a poll about where you think I am going. Cast your vote and we'll see who is closest! Everything else in life is going pretty well. Just busy... but its fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

80's Bowling :-)

So it has become a new tradition to go 80's bowling every March. On campus they have one night a year in March where they have one bowling for one dollar a game if you are dressed up in 80's clothes! So fun! Last year we went and had so much fun so last night after I had studied from 10-6 and then taken a 3 hour test, we got all dolled up and went BOWLING! I love bowling so much. We only got to play one game but it was still good... even though I bowled pretty bad. Cory came and joined us too! Now for some pictures...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm 21!! :-)

Ok so I know I said I was going to be a more faithful blogger... and I am! I planned on blogging at least every two weeks... but for some odd reason February disappeared!! I literally think it did! There is no way time can go that fast. One minute it was the beginning and now all of a sudden its March! Oh were oh were did you go Mr. February??

So now on to March... which means one very exciting things. MY BIRTHDAY!!! I was born March 2, 1988 in Provo, UT. That day the world was very blessed :-) And now I'm 21! Holy cow I'm getting up there. I honestly can't believe how old I am. I used to think 21 was ANCIENT! ha And now here I am at the great age of 21... even though I still feel about 16. I think 21 is a monumental age. It is the age where you are really, really an adult! At 18-20 you like to think you are an adult and you sort of are but I feel once you are 21 everyone expects you to REALLY be an adult! So wish me luck on that one.

So now about the wonderful festivities to celebrate me! I had a fabulous birthday. I went to the doctor at 8 that morning. The guy almost sent me home because he said you aren't allowed to voluntarily go to the doctor on your birthday! When I told him I was coming for my mission he said I could stay :-) I know getting poked with needles and having to pee in a cup aren't really how most would like to start off their birthday it was exciting for me because I knew it was getting me closer to my mission! So after that fun adventure I had class... mission prep class actually (can you see what my life is pretty focused on right now haha). I love that class SOO much! I can't even explain how much. EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE MISSION PREP FROM BOTT!

While I was walking home from class to meet my grandparents who were in town from Las Vegas for lunch I started thinking about how I really wanted flowers. Every girl should get some flowers for her birthday! Well I get home and my grandma comes in and what is she carrying... a lovely vase of flowers!!! What wonderful grandparents they are :-) (side note... my hometeacher also brought me flowers later that day and Chase also sent me some flowers! and I hadn't told anyone I wanted them) So I went to lunch with my grandparents at Zupas and it was so wonderful! I love that place! A perfect birthday lunch. Then I had to head back for more class, but it wasn't to bad because everyone was super nice to me. That's why I love birthdays :-)

Later that night my roommates threw me a lovely little birthday party! Rachelle and Ann both made amazing cakes for me. Rachelle made my favorite carrot cake and then Ann made this delicious pumpkin cake thing. They were so delicious and a big hit. My friends all came over and they sang to me and we just hung out and talked. It was so great to have everyone there. Afterwards we kept the tradition alive and headed to the hot springs in Midway! Freshman year for my birthday I had a big party and a bunch of us went to the hot springs. Then last year by some coincidence I ended up at the hot springs again. So this year we decided to do it again! It was really fun. Lorina, Hannah, Dani, Audrey, Rachelle, Kaitlin, and Spencer went. They were really hot but not to hot that we couldn't sit in them for a little bit. It also helped that it was actually a really nice night so we weren't to cold when we got out.Overall it was a wonderful birthday! Thank you friends for making it so great! :-)

Oh yeah PS my parents sent me Graeters ice cream all the way from Kentucky! (for those of you not from Kentucky it's the best ice cream ever and they only make it in Kentucky!) I have been enjoying it every day since and still have some left! Thank you mom and dad!