Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am very bored so I decided to take some more pictures of myself. Just thought you might enjoy this one. Oh and another perk that I forgot to mention... I can see the Oahu temple out my window!!! and I can walk to it in about 5 minutes!! So exciting I know!

My two other roommates are coming in tomorrow. I hope that they are fun and will talk to me and play with me. If not then I guess I will be writing many many blogs....

Our just laying on the beach a lot :-)

Lonely in Paradise

So today was a very interesting day. I left in the morning to fly to Hawaii. It wasn’t a bad flight and things went pretty smoothly. The only bump was that my suitcases weighed too much so I had to take stuff out and put it in my backpack, which then weighed about 30 pounds! I also had to carry my pillowcase stuffed with my blanket and towel and other random items on the plane with me. The one bad thing about traveling alone is that you have no one to watch your things. Needless to say it was interesting trying to go to the bathroom with everything I was lugging around. When I finally got to Hawaii I was a little late so I was worried about missing my shuttle. After waiting for 30 minutes my shuttle arrived full of other just arriving students and after another hour I was safe at my new home….

Now for the interesting part: I met my landlord and she was really nice. She showed me around and told me where everything was. The apartment is not bad but not really what you’d call nice either. It has no air conditioning so that will defiantly be something to get used to. I was the first new person to move in and the other girl that has lived there for a year and will be my roommate wasn’t home. I went up to my room to find that I will be sleeping on the top of a very rickety bunk bed. After getting settled in its not that bad. I got all unpacked and everything fit and there was plenty of room. I was then completely bored with nothing to do and no one to call because the time difference so everyone I know is asleep. One major perk that I discovered however is that I can get the neighbors internet from my bed! It’s not a strong connection but I can at least get on the internet which I didn’t think I would be able to do. Also I found out that I do have a TV and cable which I didn’t think I would have. I got excited so I turned on the TV, Desperate Housewives was on! To my dismay however the TV would stay on for about 5 seconds and then turn off. I have no clue why or how to fix it so my brief excitement was smashed. I then proceeded to get on facebook with my weak internet connection and try to waste some time. I had just fallen asleep at the key board when my roommate walked in. She was nice and we talked for a minute but it was kind of an awkward meeting. Now she is down stairs with her boyfriend and I am up here writing this blog.

The one major perk of my humble aboad is that it is right on the beach! Like literally you walk into the backyard and you are on the beach. That is definitely where I would be right now, but I already tried and it was soo dark that I was tripping over things and falling and decided after a few bruises that it probably wasn’t the best idea. Tomorrow morning that is the first thing I am going to do however. And then I will take the mile trek to the grocery store (yes it really is a mile, and yes I really do have to walk there and then walk back carrying my groceries). Then I will try and find my way to the BYU campus. Tomorrow is going to be interesting!

Now I will end the longest blog ever...(this is me looking gross because it is so freaking hot, plus I have been traveling all day, I should go shower now)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


This is my first blog post! Exciting huh??

So in one week today I will be in Hawaii! I am moving there for two months to go to school at BYU-Hawaii. When I say go to school I actually mean take two classes and then spend the rest of the time on the beach...

I decided to start this blog so I could log my adventures there and make everyone else jealous. Well I don't really want to make anyone jealous, I just want you to be able to experience the fun with me. I will try to keep up with it and post all my pictures.

I also want to dedicate this blog to some very special people who have inspired me to blog:
Hannah, Dani, Ashley, Stacie, Coryn and Laurianne. I hope my blog can be half as cool as any of yours.