Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Bloggosphere!

So I must admit that I have been hesitant to post on my blog because:

A. It's been almost 2 years since my last post and I feel like the first post back needs to be EPIC and I don't have time for said epic post because of all the epically fun things I'm doing with my life.

B. I hate the layout of my blog and I look at everyone else's super classy and cute blogs and I have a tinge of envy. I am blog illiterate so I have tried to make mine cute but have failed ( and no I am not fishing for compliments with this or asking for reassurance).

C. I have been horrible at taking pictures and am not good at taking pictures when I do take them and I feel a blog is super boring without at least a few sweet pictures.

But even with all that hesitancy my mind is exploding with things that I just HAVE to tell the world through my blog. So I decided that like ripping off a band-aid I just had to do it quickly.

SO here it is.... my first post back! Few, that wasn't so bad now was it.

Here's to more blog posts to come! It feels good to be back! :)


(PS. If anyone has any tips for making my blog not look like it was made by a kindergartener it would be much appreciated.)
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1 comment:

Lorina said...

She finally writes! What kind of look are you going for on your blog? I could probably find something for you.